The rainy wedding day photo, that caused all the raucous on Reddit


This post differs from my usual ones, but I was getting a lot of messages and e-mails regarding it. I figured I would address it here on my blog. <3

Last Saturday I photographed a rainy day wedding at Oyster Ridge Ranch in Santa Margarita, California. I posted this image of the bride and groom as a preview that night.

One of the sweet bridesmaids was excited about the image and shared it on Reddit. She didn’t know to credit my photography in the caption. I truly believe she was unaware of the etiquette with that and that she didn’t mean to do this on purpose or to hurt me in any way. She has since reached out to me and was very apologetic and even took the photo down.

The poor girl was chewed up alive by people on reddit because she didn’t caption it with my photo credit. While I appreciate people looking out for me and making sure I get credit for it (one girl even e-mailed me to alert me of it), the internet can be a very cruel place.

Here is my friendly reminder to always give credit to the photographers if you are sharing an image they took on Instagram or any and all social media platforms. Especially Reddit apparently, because users will get angry. 

While I’m on the subject… please please please don’t add extra filters to our photos either. 

That being said, the comments were hilarious on this image.

There were a ton of people saying things like how they saw this image 2 years ago, that it wasn’t even raining that day, that it was done in a studio with an assistant spraying water etc, and saying it couldn’t possibly be real because the rain on the left side of the image is more dense. Some people simply wanted to know how it was done. In an effort to answer some of those questions and debunk some of the myths that have already arisen…  

I can assure you, it was a very rainy day and it is real rain. It was sprinkling at this time, not a down pour. Lynsey and David did get married this day, and it wasn’t staged in a studio. The reason it looks more dense on the left side is that the flash was tilted up towards that side of the umbrella a bit more, therefore more of the rain is illuminated on that side.

My amazing friend, (who is another professional, and who I was lucky enough to have second shooting for me that day as a favor) Tina Loveridge,  helped me set up the shot real quick when it was raining again during their reception.

I put a flash on a stand with a radio trigger behind my subject and used the umbrella as a bounce. I have attached a test shot of cutie Tina, to give you an idea of the set up a bit more.

At weddings, the bride and groom typically eat first, they are usually done eating before their guests. When they had that bit of down time, I snuck them outside for two minutes to get this quick shot. I’m so glad they trusted my vision and let me do this shot in the rain. 

These two had the best attitudes about it raining on their wedding day. It didn’t seem to damper their excitement one bit. I wanted to document the rainy part of their wedding in a special way for them. While I know this type of “posed” shot isn’t everyone’s thing, I felt like it was a fun way to document the excitement of that day and the way they didn’t let the rain get them down. 

Thanks for listening friends! Please try to remember to credit photographers properly (if you don’t know how, ask). A safe bet is usually the photographers full name and or website, and please try to be nice to people on the internet. We should be allowed to make mistakes and then fix them. 




Here is that test shot with Tina: 



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