There's nothing quite like a brand new baby. Their tiny toes and fingers, their fuzzy little shoulders... they aren't this tiny for long.
When you choose to invest in portraits of your newborn, you are choosing to preserve all of these adorable little intricacies, to look back on for years to come.

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Time flies by when you have a little one.
The photographs from your first two weeks can serve as a time capsule for those those precious first moments and emotions. 
I take your investment in these memories to heart and I consider it a great honor to preserve these moments.

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At just a few days old, a regular feeding, sleeping, and potty schedule is highly unlikely. I understand this and want to make the experience the most stress-free I can.

I plan for 2-3 hour sessions so we can take our time and be patient with your new little one. 

Your baby's safety is of utmost importance to me, and blocking an appropriate amount of time helps foster a safe and relaxed environment.

If you are choosing a collection that includes family photos:

My biggest suggestion for clothing is to wear something you feel good in.
I tell my clients to dress themselves and their families in colors that compliment each other but aren't necessarily matching. This makes for a more timeless look.

Neutral, earth, or jewel toned clothing make for a natural and timeless look that suits newborn photos well. (My favorites are whites, grays, blues, and tans.)

In most situations, I would suggest refraining from wearing any clothing with wording, logos, distracting patterns or very bright colors. 

Posed newborn sessions are the most successful within their first two weeks. 
During this time, they are still accustomed to being curled up in the womb and are more likely to be very sleepy. 

+ Why is the session up to three hours long?

+ What should I wear for the family photos?

+ What is the best timeframe to get those cute posed sleeping newborn photos?

Please inquire with me HERE, and I will send you a detailed pricing and information guide. 

After a signed contract and retention fee is received, we will get you penciled in for the week of your due date. 

I only take a certain amount of sessions each month, so booking ahead of time is suggested!

Once your little one has arrived, we will schedule your session for (ideally) sometime within the first twelve days.

+ How do I reserve a session with you?

I have a fully stocked studio, so you don't need to bring much! 

I suggest bringing extra diapers, any pacifiers, bottles, etc. that we may need to keep baby happy. 

In the weeks leading up to the arrival of your new little one, we will discuss different setups and color palates as well as any sentimental items you would like to include. 

On the day of the shoot, you get to show up with your baby and relax. 

Besides the occasional feeding, I will do the rest!

+ What should I bring?



I'm happy to hear from you and learn more about your family! Please include your due date, type of session you are interested in, and any questions you may have!







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