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Los Osos & Cayucos Engagement session | Nic & Kathleene

For Kathleene & Nic’s engagement session we started at Sweet Springs Nature Preserve in Los Osos, and ended the session North of Cayucos, off highway 1.

We started the session at the Sweet Springs Preserve in Los Osos. This is another one of those beautiful little gems hidden away in the sleepy town of Los Osos. Engagement sessions are usually between 1.5 and 2 hours. With this larger time frame, I like to do two locations if possible. With two locations, you get the variety in backgrounds without wasting too much good light driving from one location to another.

When choosing locations for an engagement session, it is important to consider the lighting at each location. Beaches and open sceneries without much shade, look best at sunrise or sunset. Places a little more shaded, like the Oaks preserve or Sweet springs, look best about an hour and a half or an hour before sunset.

You will see a lot of my sessions start out at a city scape or wooded area that provides some shade and filtration for the bright sunlight. You get the best light at both locations and maximize your time, when you start at shaded location and end the session at a winery, beach, or open landscape.

When Nic suggested we end the session at a surf spot he liked, I was all for it. I love trying out new locations and with the Central Coast scenery, it is hard to go wrong. Los Osos and Cayucos are a good pair for an engagement session because they aren’t too far from one another and allow us to maximize our time with good light.

After a little while at Sweet Springs, we hopped in the car and headed for Highway 1. There are so many beautiful places to stop on Highway 1. This time we chose a surf spot and walking trail right off the highway a little north of Caycuos, Ca.

Nic & Kathleene are dear friends of my husband and I, and It was an honor to photograph them. I have made it a goal this year to photograph friends and family more. Sometimes I get a little caught up in the work part of photography (which don’t get me wrong, I like that too), but I forget to take photos in my personal life. 

Nic and Kathleene are getting married at La Cuesta Ranch in San Luis Obispo later this month and guess what… I get to be a guest at a wedding! I am so excited to take the weekend off to celebrate our friends. 

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Cayucos beach engagement photos