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Los Osos Family Portrait Session | The Fays

I do the fay’s family portraits every year and it is just so fun to see how much the boys have grown each time. This time we decided to do the family portrait session in Los Osos.

This is one of my new favorite spots for portraits in the Winter. It is behind the Golf course up against the Bay in Los Osos, Ca. The sun just looks oh so pretty back there lighting up all the little bushes in the area.

Photographing family portraits is one of my favorite things to shoot. Here on the Central Coast we have so many beautiful places to do family portraits, it is kind of crazy. Just in Los Osos alone there are a bunch of beautiful little hidden gems. Erin did a great job picking out their outfits, the blue contrasted the golden glow background wonderfully. I always tell my clients that it’s best not to be Match fully. 

Remember all of those photos of people on the beach all in white t-shirts and jeans? While there is nothing wrong with that and I’m sure you treasure those photos you have of your family… we’ve come a long way in family portraits.

You no longer have to match for it to be a great photo. 

I suggest choosing colors that work together, greens, blues, earthtones etc. and go with that. No need to all wear the same color or same outfit. 

I do recommend staying away from any clothing with words on it or logos. I suggest choosing colors you like as well because the colors you wear can effect the overall look of the image. If Erin and Tim were wearing bright red in this photo for instance, the mood of the photo may be slightly changed.

It never hurts to ask your photographer if they think a certain color scheme will go well with the background you have chosen.

Anyone else want a Los Osos family portrait session at this location? The sun shifts later in the year so it’s only this magical for a short period of time. 

Ps. If you haven’t been to Montana De Oro yet, you should probably do that! 

Los Osos, California Family portrait sessionFamily Portrait session in Los Osos, California by Tayler Enerle